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Check out The Story of the Rochester Recreation Center and the recent changes that have been made to the facility. Rochester Swimming Inc. was created to help fund these necessary changes and keep our pool available for practice and competition. Rochester Swimming Inc. needs your help. Through your tax deductible donation, you will help us secure the future of the Rec Center pool for many years to come. You can find out more about our donation program here.

We need your help!

Rochester Swimming and Diving Community,

Thank you so very much for your generosity. In 6 short weeks you donated over $15,000 to help pay for renovations at the Rochester Rec Center Pool. Your donations were matched by an additional $15,000 as a challenge from a donor, bringing the total to just over $30,000! These were not JUST pledges. As of today we have received all of these donations! What a spectacular effort!

100% of your tax-deductible donated funds will be used to help pay for the materials and equipment used for the "deep end" renovations including 1-meter diving stands, the new 3-meter diving platform, in-deck timing equipment and starting block anchors.

Special thanks to Brad Thatcher and Jeff Chida for donating their time and effort to build and install this equipment. The Rochester Amateur Sports Commission named Brad and Jeff "Volunteers of the Year" in recognition of their efforts. What they did would have cost 3 times as much if this work had been hired out.

Good news: The Rec Center hosted its first long course (50-meter) meet since the pool renovation over the May 6-7 weekend. Jeff Chida installed wiring for touchpads and starts. Both new bulkheads were easily rolled to the shallow end, converting the pool to its full 50-meter Olympic distance length. The meet went without a hitch!

More good news: Paul Widman, Dale McCamish and Ed Staiert at Rochester Parks and Recreation have made some wonderful upgrades to the Rec Center pool during the last several weeks. The walls of the pool building have been painted for the first time ever, and look great! Spectators in the stands no longer look through chain-link fence to view the pool. The fencing has been replaced by tempered glass! What a dramatic improvement!