About Us

Who is Rochester Swimming, Inc.?

A Minnesota non-profit with a mission of supporting youth swimming and diving. Rochester Swimming Inc. (RSI) has representation from the following groups :

    • Rochester Parks and Recreation

    • Minnesota Swimming Inc.

    • Med-City Aquatics

    • Rochester Swimming/Diving Club Orcas

    • Rochester Public Schools Swim and Dive

    • Parent Volunteers

What does RSI do?

  • Paid for and installed all timing equipment and scoreboards at the Rec Center ($160,000)

  • Provides technical support (computer, timing, livestreaming, scoreboards) for all Rec Center swimming and diving events.

  • Provides for FREE video livestreaming of Rec Center swimming and diving events ($12,000)

  • Paid for and installed the 4 diving boards, diving stands and platforms ($170,000)

  • Paid for and installed all the in-deck timing wiring and permanent timing equipment ($20,000)

  • Paid for and installed a new video scoreboard at JM high school.

  • Is charged with paying the "swimming community's" contribution to the Rec Center Renovation ($450,000) to the City of Rochester

Our only financial support comes from donations. Please help Rochester Swimming Inc. by making a a tax deductible donation through our donation program!

For more information:

Find us on Facebook: RochesterSwimmingInc

Contact us: rochesterswimminginc@gmail.com

WWW: http://www.rochesterswimming.org