To the Friends of Rochester High School Swimming and Diving Teams:

Do you enjoy watching the live-streaming Girls High School Swimming meets?  Did you know these videos are being brought to you by Rochester Swimming, Inc., a volunteer non-profit organization that supports youth swimming and diving?  Live-streaming is being provided free of charge for Century, John Marshall and Mayo High School swimming and diving meets during the COVID 19 pandemic.

If you enjoy watching your children, grandchildren, friends, relatives and classmates on these live-streaming events, consider making a tax-deductible contribution to RSI to help offset the costs of providing this service.  RSI purchased several thousand dollars of equipment to live-stream these competitions so that parents, relatives and friends can watch the meets this season.

To make an on-line donation, please visit the RSI website at

Thanks for your support.

RSI now has a YouTube Channel!

Click this link to see live streaming from RSI

Century and John Marshall Swimming and ALL diving competitions are live-streamed on:

Mayo High School Swimming meets are live-streamed on: